New York City SPEAKERS
September 19th-20th

Ed Soo Hoo

Chief Technology Officer

Lambert Hogenhout

Chief Data and AI Officer

Michael Nirschl

Chief Data Officer

Satish Katakam

Managing Director of CyberSecurity Head of AI/ML

David Pierce

Expert Enterprise Architect - AI/ML & Distributed Systems

Austin Walsh

Managing Director of US Healthcare, Data/AI

Gustaaf Schrils

Chief Information Officer

Dawn Fitzgerald

Chief Technology Officer

Shadaab Kanwal

Managing Director of Data & Analytics

Juergen Weichenberger

Head of AI Strategy & Innovation

Nancy Hauge

Chief Human Resources Officer

Saydulu Kolasani

SVP of Enterprise IT, Digital, Data & Analytics Transformation & Operations

Przemek Praszczalek

Director, Identity Products Innovation, C&I

Hema Retty

Senior Executive, AI For Enterprise Technology

Andrew Patricio

Chief Data & AI Officer

Holly Mintz

Chief Medical Officer

Diana Contreras

Chief Healthcare Officer

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Summit topics

Transformation Starts Here

Embark on a journey of transformation at our summit, where industry leaders and experts converge to share groundbreaking insights. Our sessions cover a diverse range of topics, from crafting enterprise AI strategies, navigating complex AI regulations, to leadership transformation. Each topic is designed to provide valuable cross-vertical perspectives and practical solutions.

Leadership and Culture
Leadership & Culture
Financial Impact of AI
AI's Financial Impact
Human Element of AI
Human Element of AI
AI Governance, Safety & Compliance
AI Governance, Safety
& Compliance
AI & Cybersecurity
AI and Cybersecurity
Operational Efficiency
Operational Excellence through AI
Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation &
AI Innovation
Generative AI & Emerging Global Technologies
Generative AI &
Emerging Technologies