Satish Katakam

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Managing Director of CyberSecurity Head of AI/ML
Wells Fargo

Satish Katakam, a seasoned Technology Executive at Wells Fargo, leads the cutting-edge Cybersecurity Data Science team. His expertise in leveraging AI and ML to shield the bank and its clientele from cyber threats is a testament to his more than 25 years of experience in Consumer and Community Banking. Satish is known for his excellence in delivering large-scale, mission-critical applications with unwavering reliability and high customer satisfaction.

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Satish Katakam
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Managing Director of CyberSecurity Head of AI/ML

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Satish Katakam

Satish has a fervent passion for driving strategic technology direction and influencing C-Level leaders, Satish has been pivotal in shaping the technological landscape within organizations. He has led full-stack software engineering teams of over 350 people, skillfully integrating emerging technologies, enterprise architecture, hybrid cloud, and microservices to develop comprehensive end-to-end solutions. His work extends to web and mobile platforms, demonstrating his versatility and forward-thinking approach.

At Wells Fargo since July 2021, Satish has been at the forefront of enhancing cybersecurity risk prevention and mitigation, applying advanced technologies like AI, machine learning, and post-quantum cryptography. His leadership extends beyond Wells Fargo, with a significant tenure at Chase. There, he served as Executive Director in various capacities, focusing on AI and ML architecture and leading technology within Consumer and Community Banking. He was instrumental in driving major technology transformations, shifting from traditional project-based approaches to product-aligned organizations, and ensuring robust security and production management.

Satish Katakam is a visionary leader, whose profound knowledge and innovative strategies in AI, machine learning, and cybersecurity significantly contribute to safeguarding digital assets in the ever-evolving landscape of technology and finance.

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