Juergen Weichenberger

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Head of AI Strategy & Innovation
Schneider Electric

Juergen Weichenberger is a seasoned leader in the realm of artificial intelligence, currently heading AI Strategy & Innovation at Schneider Electric. With a focus on large-scale industrial applications of machine learning and AI, Juergen leads a talented team of over 200 industry data scientists, dedicated to advancing client solutions daily. His work involves translating complex algorithms into scalable solutions that significantly enhance value levers such as profit, cost management, and health and safety for clients. With two decades of experience, Juergen has a robust background in building complex solutions using advanced analytics, data science, and cutting-edge technological architectures. At Schneider Electric, his role encompasses overseeing strategic AI partnerships, managing venture investments in AI, and spearheading the development and adoption of innovative technologies. Juergen's strategic vision is focused on driving value through AI innovations, both for Schneider Electric’s customers and internal functions. His leadership is pivotal in integrating algorithms with robotics, cybernetics, and human intelligence to create impactful, profitable solutions.

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Juergen Weichenberger
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Head of AI Strategy & Innovation

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Juergen Weichenberger

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