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Where technology meets Humanity

Welcome to the Leaders In AI Summit Series, your trusted exclusive event in the world of AI innovation. The Institute for AI Transformation is dedicated to transforming humanity through our strategic top-down approach by empowering executives globally to embrace the power of AI.

What Sets Us Apart

What makes the Leaders In AI Summit Series stand out is our exclusive C-Suite community of innovators, attention to detail and our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional live events and research. We work closely with our attendees, strategic partners, and the AI industry as a whole clients, listening to their needs and goals, and then crafting events that surpass their expectations.

Who We Are

The Institute for AI Transformation is a team of experienced event professionals, world-class analysts, and well known AI researchers  who are passionate about what we do. We bring a wealth of expertise and creativity to the table, ensuring that each event is unique and tailored to our communities needs that we quantify through qualitative and quantitative research.

Our Mission

Our mission is to transform ordinary events into extraordinary experiences. We believe in the power of bringing people together and creating memorable moments. With a deep passion for event planning and a commitment to excellence, we take pride in every event we curate.


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Our flagship series

the Leaders in AI Summit series, exemplifies our commitment to empowering decision-makers. This series converges the brightest minds, the boldest ideas, and the most transformative technologies, crafting a future where AI amplifies human capacity, fosters global advancement, and ignites paradigm-shifting change.

By building strong relationships and fostering open communication, we ensure that every event we undertake is a true reflection of our clients' objectives and brand identity.

lunch imageNetworking BreakIntimate Think Tank Dinner image
lunch imageNetworking BreakIntimate Think Tank Dinner image
lunch imageNetworking BreakIntimate Think Tank Dinner image

We understand that no two events are the same

  • Expert Event Planning
  • Personalized Approach
  • Attention to Detail
  • Creative Event Experiences
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Our advanced Panel Topics

We take a personalized approach to every panel, tailoring our discussions to not only meet the specific preferences of our cross-vertical audience, but also to provide a holistic perspective of what each industry should be thinking about during their AI implementations across their organizations . From concept development, pilot programs to production level systems, and meticulous testing to flawless execution, we strive for perfection in every aspect of our content we provide our executive audiences.

Testimonials from our clients and colleagues

Vincent Lotter Homan
Vincent Lotter Homan

Senior Director, Reporting and Analytics , Business Platforms, and Innovation

"This is the best conference I've ever been to. Immersive, It wasn't scripted and it was just so real"

Esther Howard


I've used several job search platforms in the past, but Linkr stands out from the rest. The platform's commitment to providing reliable and verified job listings gave me peace of mind during my search.

Eleanor Pena


I had been struggling to find a job that matched my skills and aspirations. But thanks to Linkr, I found my dream job within weeks. The personalized matching system and comprehensive company information provided me with valuable insights, and the user-friendly interface made the entire process effortless.