Foundations of AI Sustainability

Foundations of AI Sustainability

This panel delves into the ethical and practical aspects of AI, emphasizing the importance of using AI for sustainability and understanding its environmental impact. It focuses on how AI can be harnessed for sustainable development while being mindful of its ecological footprint.

1:15 PM - 2:15 PM
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Sourav Mazumder

Distinguished Engineer and Solution Director for AI in Sustainability


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Shruti Pandey

Specialist, Analytic Scientist

Nationwide Insurance

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Prakhar Bajpai

Senior Data Scientist

City of Austin

  • AI for Sustainable Development: Explore how AI can be leveraged in various sustainability use cases. This discussion will cover the role of AI in promoting environmental, social, and economic sustainability, highlighting successful examples and potential challenges.
  • Environmental Impact of AI: Address the ecological consequences of deploying large-scale AI solutions. This part of the panel will delve into the carbon footprint of AI technologies, strategies to minimize this impact, and the balance between technological advancement and environmental responsibility.
Please note that the program is subject to change. Detailed session descriptions and speaker information will be provided in the event materials.

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