Prakhar Bajpai

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Senior Data Scientist
City of Austin

Prakhar is an experienced Data Scientist graduated from Texas A&M University with interests in Analytics and Business Intelligence. Experienced in Optimization and analytics and reporting operations. 2 Research Papers published in International Journals. Prakhar likes to make significant impacts for various teams through his innovative use of data and technology to improve government operations, facilitate effective decision making, and enhance service delivery. He is a natural leader with a strong commitment to continuous improvement, and have a proven track record of making positive, meaningful, and lasting change for local government. Prakhar is leading the City of Austin's first “Data Learning Cohort,” which is helping more than 140 City leaders and staff members develop data literacy skills, improve data-driven decision-making, enhance collaboration, and increase diversity of thought and practice. Apart from that, he is a passionate fan of Professional Wrestling (WWE) and Cricket. Always up for attending any social event. High Compassion for underprivileged children.

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Prakhar Bajpai
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Senior Data Scientist

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Prakhar Bajpai

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