AI Safety Imperative: Balancing Generative Innovation with Responsibility

AI Safety Imperative: Balancing Generative Innovation with Responsibility

This session delves into the urgent discourse surrounding AI safety, exploring the imperative of aligning generative AI innovation with the responsibility of safeguarding humanity. Our distinguished panel will dissect the complex relationship between AI's transformative potential and the ethical considerations it necessitates.

9:00 AM - 9:45 AM
speakers image
Michael R. Boone

Trustworthy AI Product Manager


speakers image
Daniel Spurling

SVP of Product Management


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Laura Shact

Principal & AI Leader for Human Capital


  • The Responsibility Spectrum: Understanding the balance between innovation and the ethical need to ensure AI safety.
  • Historical Context and Lessons: Drawing insights from past technological safety measures to inform AI safety strategies.
  • Ethical Frameworks for AI: Developing robust ethical frameworks to guide responsible AI deployment.
  • Navigating Generative AI Risks: Identifying potential risks of generative AI and strategies to mitigate them.

Interactive Discussions and Q&A:

  • An opportunity for attendees to engage with AI safety experts, ask critical questions, and participate in shaping the conversation around AI's role in our future.
Please note that the program is subject to change. Detailed session descriptions and speaker information will be provided in the event materials.

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