Michael R. Boone

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Trustworthy AI Product Manager

Michael Boone is NVIDIA’s Trustworthy AI Product Manager. He is responsible for ensuring NVIDIA’s technology is developed according to its guiding principles and driving the strategy. His roadmap includes multimodal processes, tools, products, and services to enable the company, customers, and the larger ecosystem. Beginning as a licensed professional civil engineer, Michael pivoted from transportation infrastructure project management delivery, operations, and consulting to owning NVIDIA’s global core computer vision product marketing strategy portfolio and product feature definition for DRIVE AV. Inventor and car enthusiast, Michael is a highly trusted collaborator, partner, and voice in deploying emerging technology in public and private settings.

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Michael R. Boone
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Trustworthy AI Product Manager

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Michael R. Boone

Michael Boone serves as NVIDIA’s Trustworthy AI Product Manager- working across the enterprise in defining, developing, and delivering a suite of products and services across NVIDIA’s industry and business stacks.  Before transitioning to this role, Michael led Global Computer Vision Product Marketing and Core Computer Vision Product Management.  

Beyond his contributions at NVIDIA, Michael is the Chief Executive Officer of 3 Summit Ventures Incorporated, which focuses on content curation, branding, ideation from a Christian Millennial perspective.  Michael has a bent towards uplifting traditionally underrepresented groups.  This is Michael’s second start-up.  Michael previously co-founded Entitled Limited Liability Corporation, developing a customizable, roommate-matching algorithm.    

Michael previously worked leading interdisciplinary teams at HNTB and the Virginia Department of Transportation as a Transportation Engineer.  Notably, his first end-to-end project was conducting wetlands mitigation and crafting requests for experimentation for what became the 95 Express Lanes as an intern, for which he later supervised project quality assurance and control as a college graduate.      

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