Satya Choudary

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VP of Data/Analytics & Global Head of Cloud
Credit Suisse

Satya Choudary is a dynamic, award-winning executive and thought leader, recognized for his profound impact in Cloud, Data Analytics, and AI/ML. He skillfully operates at the intersection of Business, Product, and Technology, focusing on Digital Strategy and Transformation, Data Monetization, ESG, and Product Innovation. With over a decade of global IT and business industry success, Satya exemplifies a growth mindset, emphasizing People, Processes, Platforms, Product, and Strategy.

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Satya Choudary
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VP of Data/Analytics & Global Head of Cloud

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Satya Choudary

Satya has a forward-thinking approach has transformed businesses across industries, earning him a reputation as a change agent and an innovator. Satya's strategic expertise in data & analytics has revolutionized the way organizations implement solutions, providing actionable insights and driving business forward with creativity and clarity.

Satya's exceptional ability to foster customer relationships and build high-achieving global teams is noteworthy. His specialties encompass a wide range of areas including Digital Strategy, Predictive Analytics, Agile Transformation, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, and AI, among others. He has left a significant mark in various industries, including Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, Retail, and Transportation.

At Credit Suisse/ UBS since August 2019, Satya serves as the VP, leading the Global Head of Cloud Platform, Data Engineering & Management, and Data Science & ML/AI. His role involves overseeing Data Monetization programs, Engineering, and ML teams, driving innovation from ideation to implementation. He also contributes as a Global Editorial Board Member of CDO Magazine, sharing his insights with a broader audience.

Prior to his current role, Satya co-founded DAtegy LLC, providing strategic consulting services in various domains. His tenure as an Engineering Leader at PRA Health Sciences further highlights his expertise in leading Data & Analytics platforms and ML/AI initiatives.

Educationally, Satya is pursuing a Master's in Management and Business Administration at Harvard University, with a focus on Data Analytics, Strategic Management, and Sustainability.

Satya's leadership values center around Empathy, Reliability, Credibility, and Innovation. His mission is to foster lifelong learning, unlock potential in people and ideas, and energize through involvement and broadened horizons. Satya Choudary is not just a leader in his field but a visionary, constantly pushing the boundaries of technology and business strategy.

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