Pranay Pasula

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VP of AI Research
Stealth Start-Up

Pranay Pasula serves as the Director of AI Research & Development at a PE-Backed Stealth Startup and as the AGI Research Lead at Manifold Research Group, where he leads the development of innovative algorithms and scalable methodologies. His focus is on advancing multimodal AI agents capable of performing diverse tasks across various environments. Pranay’s role includes guiding and mentoring researchers through comprehensive literature reviews, defining research scopes, designing experiments, and instilling best practices in both research and engineering. Previously, Pranay was a senior research scientist at JPMorgan AI Research, spearheading major projects in Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning, Representation Learning, and Unsupervised Learning. He has also contributed to breakthroughs in Generative AI, including Large Language and Multimodal Models (LLMs and LMMs), and Continual Learning algorithms. His work has set new benchmarks in the AI research community and has driven significant advancements in addressing multi-billion-dollar challenges within the firm.

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Pranay Pasula
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VP of AI Research

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Pranay Pasula

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