Neha Parekh

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General Counsel for Global Data Protection & Privacy

Neha P., JD, CIPP/US/E, CIPM, serves as the VP and Associate General Counsel for Global Data Protection & Privacy at Procore Technologies. With an illustrious career spanning over three years at Procore, Neha has been instrumental in leading the company's data protection strategy, helping navigate legal and regulatory requirements through a successful IPO and strategic corporate acquisitions. Her expertise in U.S. and global data protection laws is a testament to her proficiency and commitment to her field.

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Neha Parekh
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General Counsel for Global Data Protection & Privacy

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Neha Parekh

At Procore Technologies, Neha's role evolved from Associate General Counsel to VP, reflecting her significant contributions in building, scaling, and managing teams focused on global data protection, privacy, and governance programs. Her leadership extends to overseeing technical compliance and certifications alignment programs, effectively reducing risks and enhancing business efficiencies across various teams.

Neha's influence is evident in her role as a key advisor to management and the Board of Directors, where she navigates complex legal and regulatory issues while anticipating technology policy trends. Her collaboration with product teams to advise on product functionality, terms of service, data usage, privacy, and security underscores her integral role in Procore's operations.

Before joining Procore Technologies, Neha was the Global Privacy Officer at Itron, Inc., where she designed, implemented, and managed a global privacy program covering 130 countries. Her tenure at Direct Energy as Director & Sr. Legal Counsel further highlights her extensive experience in managing IT and privacy legal teams and developing privacy programs.

In addition to her professional achievements, Neha is a passionate advocate for Employee Resource Groups and Diversity & Inclusion initiatives, emphasizing her commitment to creating a more inclusive and diverse workplace. Her proactive approach to identifying and addressing risks, coupled with her ability to propose creative solutions, marks her as a leader in her field. Neha's dedication to empowering teams, fostering business growth, and enhancing customer trust through her expertise in data, privacy, and technology is exemplary.

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