Michael Payne

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Head of AI, Data and Analytics Engineering

Michael Payne is a seasoned leader in the field of artificial intelligence, data, and analytics engineering, currently heading the AI department at Mercer. With over a decade of experience in the industry, Michael stands at the forefront of transformative initiatives, championing data-driven decision-making and the implementation of cutting-edge AI solutions. His role at Mercer involves fostering collaborative partnerships across various functions, optimizing strategies to enhance business growth and navigating the dynamic landscape of AI and data analytics. As a strategic leader, Michael guides a high-performing team dedicated to unlocking strategic insights through advanced analytics. His focus on robust performance and security measures is integral to Mercer's continued success and innovation in AI. Before assuming his current role in January 2024, Michael served as the Senior Director of Digital Delivery at Mercer, where he was responsible for the lifecycle delivery of Mercer Digital Applications. This role encompassed working on new SaaS products, existing products, marketing technologies, and overseeing platform, solutions, and cloud engineering functions.

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Michael Payne
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Head of AI, Data and Analytics Engineering

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Michael Payne

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