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Deputy CTO

Kris Crichton is not just a leader in the AI world, but also a visionary that is effectively blending technological acumen with strategic business insight to steer organizations towards a future of innovation and growth.

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Kris Crichton
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Deputy CTO

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Kris Crichton

Kris Crichton stands at the forefront of business innovation and digital transformation. As the VP and Deputy CTO at CBRE since 2023, Kris has been instrumental in driving forward-looking IT strategies and business transformations, underpinned by skills in business strategy, P&L management, and client services.

Kris's leadership extends beyond corporate realms to impactful societal contributions as a Board Member of CyberUp since 2022. This non-profit organization, dedicated to fortifying the cybersecurity workforce, benefits from Kris's commitment to creating diverse, secure digital environments in various sectors.

Founding Futuri Visio, LLC in 2010, Kris showcases profound expertise in guiding organizations through digital transformation and strategic planning. This consultancy has led major projects, including operational transformations for tech firms and strategic planning for cybersecurity startups, demonstrating Kris's knack for envisioning and executing long-term business solutions.

Kris's journey also includes pivotal roles in sales, marketing, and business development at OCI, Inc. (2021-2023), where Kris's team powered intelligent systems using advanced technologies like Machine Learning and Blockchain. At Visa (2019-2021), Kris led a global client services team, managing a substantial P&L and overseeing a digital transformation to Azure cloud platform. Previous tenures at Equifax (2017-2019) and Mastercard (2014-2017) further highlight Kris's ability to lead sales and account management teams effectively, even through challenging times like significant data breaches.

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