Jie Yu

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Head of Digital & Data Science Product Management
Johnson & Johnson

Jie Yu is a distinguished expert in digitalization, AI, machine learning, and big data analytics, currently leading as the Head of Digital & Data Science Product Management at Johnson & Johnson. With a career spanning over a decade, Jie Yu has developed a formidable expertise in a wide array of fields including IoT, Industry 4.0, digital twin technology, cloud computing, and smart manufacturing. His role involves steering digital transformation initiatives and leveraging data science to innovate and optimize business processes.

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Jie Yu
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Head of Digital & Data Science Product Management

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Jie Yu

Prior to his current role at Johnson & Johnson, Jie Yu held various leadership and technical positions at Shell for nearly nine years. His tenure at Shell was marked by significant contributions in refining, chemicals, renewable energies, and new energy systems, where he applied his skills in modeling, optimization, automation, and control. Additionally, Jie Yu also demonstrated his leadership prowess as the President of the Shell Asian Pacific Employee Network Group, where he played a crucial role in promoting diversity and inclusion within the organization.

Jie Yu's academic background is equally impressive. He served as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at McMaster University, where he engaged in teaching and research, further honing his expertise in process engineering and digital technologies.

Earlier in his career, Jie Yu was a Product Manager at Shell, where he began developing his skills in digital transformation, business intelligence, and analytics. This role laid the foundation for his future successes in integrating technology with business strategy.

Jie Yu's career is a testament to his exceptional skills in digital transformation and data science, and his ability to apply these skills across various sectors. His leadership and technical expertise have not only driven innovation and efficiency in the organizations he has worked with but have also contributed significantly to the advancement of digital technologies in the industry.

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