Gustaaf Schrils

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Chief Information Officer
Omni Hotels

Gustaaf Schrils is an accomplished Chief Information Officer renowned for his expertise in the retail and hospitality sectors. With a career built on strong problem-solving skills, driving innovation, and expertise in IT strategy, he stands out as a leader in integrating technology to enhance business operations. Gustaaf's proficiency in business intelligence, business planning, operations management, and IT management has consistently delivered tangible results in every organization he has been a part of. Currently, as the CIO of Omni Hotels & Resorts since February 2023, Gustaaf is at the helm of developing, planning, and implementing the overall IT strategy. His role is crucial in aligning technology initiatives with the company's business objectives, ensuring a high return on investment, and maintaining the highest standards of data security.

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Gustaaf Schrils
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Chief Information Officer

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Gustaaf Schrils

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