David Pierce

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Expert Enterprise Architect - AI/ML & Distributed Systems

David Pierce is an accomplished Enterprise AI/ML Architect with a stellar record of service at multiple Fortune-ranked organizations. His expertise lies in overseeing the efforts of principal engineers and architects, and in defining and executing sophisticated AI security and data strategies. David's work ensures seamless cross-domain alignment throughout the enterprise, a testament to his deep understanding of both technology and business processes.

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David Pierce
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Expert Enterprise Architect - AI/ML & Distributed Systems

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David Pierce

David's notable contributions include developing an Enterprise Generative AI Statement of Direction, Reference Architecture, and Implementations. His focus on integrating task-specific multi-modal self-directed agents, tools, and swarms showcases his ability to leverage AI to automate tasks, enhance learning, and employ robotic agents effectively.

Another significant achievement is his authorship and implementation of Risk Management & DevSecOps frameworks for Cloud Analytics and Governance. These frameworks, utilized across various organizations, are platform-agnostic and maintain core functionality across different cloud service providers.

At Discover Financial Services, David played a pivotal role as an Expert Enterprise Architect in AI/ML & Distributed Systems. His responsibilities included developing generative AI use cases and overseeing AI/ML architecture, aligning with the enterprise's overall data strategy and application-specific domain objectives.

Previously, at USAA, David served as a Staff Technical Enterprise Architect, where he enabled new analytic capabilities across multiple cloud service providers. His leadership in defining and delivering graph analytic solutions and cloud-native model development environments was crucial to the organization's technological advancements.

David's work as Lead Data Engineer at USAA involved leading data analytics towards advanced machine learning and big data solutions. He adeptly bridged analytics and engineering, embracing DevSecOps principles and engaging business partners in a scaled agile culture.

David Pierce's career is a blend of innovation, leadership, and technical expertise in AI and ML. He has been instrumental in driving transformative changes in data strategy and AI applications, making significant impacts on the enterprises he has been part of. His work stands as a prime example of how to harness the power of AI and machine learning to propel organizations forward in the digital era.

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