Corinne Stroum

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Head of Emerging Technologies

Corinne Stroum is a distinguished product leader in healthcare analytics, health IT, and population health. Her career is marked by significant achievements in transforming healthcare delivery and administration through innovative technologies. Corinne excels in managing product portfolios and leading diverse teams of developers, program managers, and clinical analysts, demonstrating her adeptness in bridging the gap between technology and healthcare.

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Corinne Stroum
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Head of Emerging Technologies

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Corinne Stroum

Corinne's expertise spans the entire data footprint of healthcare, encompassing both clinical and claims-based data, structured data, patient experience surveys, socio-economic factors, social determinants, and unstructured notes. Corinne's fluency in clinical interoperability standards, healthcare ontologies, and health policy enables her to successfully manage interdisciplinary teams and engage effectively with customers and thought leaders in the field.

Currently, as the Director of Consumer Experience & Insights at SCAN, Corinne manages organizational strategy for utilizing emerging technologies, including the development of a Responsible AI Code of Conduct and education programs on AI utilization. Additionally, she plays a pivotal role in the Consumer Experience & Insights Team, applying natural language processing to member data and running user surveys to enhance member experiences.

Corinne also serves as an Extension Lecturer at the University of Washington, where she leads a course on Healthcare Analytics. Her commitment to education is evident in her curriculum development, focusing on healthcare use cases and technical subjects like analytical framework and data quality.

Prior to SCAN, Corinne held significant roles at Advata, including Senior VP & Head of Product and Vice President of Product. At Advata, she oversaw product management, design, and user research, working on healthcare revenue cycle, population health, and operations products built on analytics and machine learning platforms.

In her role at KenSci, Corinne was responsible for the portfolio and roadmap for healthcare analytics platforms, emphasizing real-time analytics, machine learning, and self-service capabilities in healthcare data management.

Corinne Stroum's career is a testament to her commitment to advancing healthcare through analytics and digital health solutions. Her leadership and innovation in this field have significantly contributed to transforming healthcare systems and improving patient outcomes.

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