Amit Padalkar

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Sales Leader

Amit Padalkar is a global business leader at Palantir Technologies helping them break into new market segments. An accomplished senior executive, Amit is known for building high-performing go-to-market teams in the Retail, High-Tech, Consumer Services, BFSI, Healthcare, and Technology spaces. Amit’s business leadership is founded on a 20+ year career, including leading sales & running large global portfolios, as well as managing global teams of over 500 people across the US, Europe & APAC. He also brings a cross-industry perspective and is recognized for his ability to build businesses from the ground up with a strong ‘day 0’ orientation. In his spare time, Amit is a venture partner helping invest in DeFi/FinTech startups.

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Amit Padalkar
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Sales Leader

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Amit Padalkar

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